Waterfall to Agile for a Tester

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If you're a tester moving from waterfall to agile, you'll probably encounter some unfamiliar terminologies and processes such as:-

-Product Backlog

-User Stories





-Scrum Meetings


-Sprint Review


In order for you to understand these and what input might be expected from an agile tester, I've put together a 3 part series of posts to cover the most popular agile/scrum items.

In this first post I cover the 'Product Backlog' and 'User Stories'.

Product Backlog: List of all high level requested/required features for the product release owned by the product manager.

Test involvement - Depends if your role requires you to expand on these to create user stories (see other point). If not, you'll have little involvement other than to review and/or estimate at a really high level.

User Stories: Requested/required features broken down into bite size functional specs, normally with just enough information to start coding.

Test involvement - As mentioned above, your role might require you to write user stories. If so, these can be written as acceptance criteria which are not too far away from writing test cases. This will require you to spend some time with the product owner to expand on the requirements. If your role does not require you to write the user stories you'll still be required to include any tests conditions you plan to run.

Part 2 of series coming soon!


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