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who we've helped

Great clients,
doing great things

We’ve been lucky to work with some great clients on some really interesting projects, helping industry disruptors and the disrupted! Clients who, whatever their industry, are developing digital products and services that help them gain or retain a competitive edge.

Just Eat
The Guardian
Not On The High Street
Reed Exhibit
Emerald Group
The Money Advice Service

what people say?

It’s what our customers
say that really counts
Here are a few things our clients have been kind enough to say about working with us...

"Elsevier had a very challenging programme on which we were embarking. Success would mean step-change and we needed someone who understood the nature of the interface between product and technology, how to manage software engineering functions and how to help lead digital product design. That’s when I reconnected with Kelly and 101 Ways.

They are particularly good at understanding the skills and experience needed, as well as the intangibles, which on the surface are not always clear. Their team brings the wisdom and experience for which we were searching."

Alexander Craig, VP Software Development – Elsevier Technology

"I’ve known Kelly since I was at Mendeley where I drove a major acquisition for the business. At that time, Mendeley needed a strong, high quality partner to help accelerate our digital capabilities and support the transformation of the business. I value Kelly’s input and brought him, and the team at 101 Ways, in when I became CPO/CTO at Just Eat. He’s a trusted partner and another brain to bounce things around with. The key is customer centricity and a results-oriented mindset - Kelly’s got that and it comes across in the team at 101 Ways. It’s about building the right thing for the user at the right time, not six months later. They’re a team that will go out of their way for you."

Fernando​ ​Fanton,​ ​​CPO/CTO​​ ​–​ ​Just​ ​Eat

what we’ve delivered

Helping our clients
to get stuff done!

We’re ultimately all about helping our clients to deliver really great quality products to their customers and the markets they operate in.

Here are a few examples of the work we’ve been involved in creating and delivering...

read more about our projects:

Just Eat

For Just Eat, 101 Ways is involved in building or managing the delivery of various new products, including: Restaurant Performance, Mobile Marketing Attribution, Alexa, Xbox, SmartTV, Autonomous Robots for delivering food, Branded Restaurant Groups, International Rebrand, Reliability Programme for X Factor, as well as the core Consumer Products on iOS, Android and Web. In order to do this, 101 Ways has provided Just Eat with a wide range of services including executive advice, filling some key senior leadership roles and bringing in whole delivery teams. Just Eat is a good example of how 101 Ways can be a key strategic partner for our clients, helping at all levels in the organisation and across a variety of disciplines including product, technology and delivery. To find out more contact

Just Eat

For The Guardian, 101 Ways led the digital engineering division during a time when the Guardian was undertaking a major transformation of all its digital products, including a new Responsive Website, new Mobile Apps on iOS and Android, a new Live Blogging Platform, and “the biggest domain name change Google had ever seen!”. This was also a time when the Guardian was actively trying to improve their agile delivery capabilities and 101 Ways helped to coach Scrum Masters and Agile Project Managers, providing facilitation for better project planning and more stable velocities for more predictable delivery. The other transformational change during that time was the shift to a full DevOps approach and Continuous Delivery model, where the Guardian was seamlessly delivering 200 code releases into production every day! To find out more contact

Elsevier / Mendeley

For Elsevier, 101 Ways was brought in to start up a completely new product / technology development centre in London, building new teams initially in a Camden basement in true startup style! The brief was to create new teams that were agile at heart, with good engineering culture and great collaboration between product and technology, and to do this whilst delivering a new platform for ScienceDirect, the world’s largest repository of scientific content. Next we were asked to create a bespoke agile training programme for 200 people in the US and to coach teams in New York and Amsterdam. We then went on to build more teams in London in the newly-acquired Mendeley business, where we managed the delivery of a new social network for scientists, including content recommendations with machine learning. To find out more contact

Elsevier / Mendeley

For Tesco, 101 Ways has been providing teams of engineers to help build out the next generation of, particularly in the areas of Customer Identity, MyAccount, Contact, Pricing and more. To find out more contact