Women's Tech Focus has a new look!

Have your spidey senses been tingling? Well they haven’t gone crazy – something is very much ‘up’ at 101 Ways and it’s got us in all in a spin.
Behind the scenes, we’ve been weaving ideas together to design the perfect logo for our fantastic Women’s Tech Focus (WTF) community. Something that adequately represents the role women play in the grand technology web and demonstrates their nuanced, yet common experiences within the industry.
We needed something that said: ‘Strong and technical, yet underappreciated and sometimes barely visible.’ And finally we have a design that we believe has enough legs to go the distance.
Any guesses? Well if it wasn’t obvious enough from our eight clues, here you go:

Great, huh!?
What’s more, if you want to hang around with the awesome WTF people going forward, the community is open to women (and men!) either working in tech or looking to move into the industry – from apprentices and graduates to career changers – there’s something for everyone.
To get a bite of the action and be the first to hear about our events, workshops and socials, access a solid support network and have the opportunity to ‘talk shop’ in a safe space then sign up to our designated slack channel now!