Your Virtual Executive Coach

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Hi everyone.  I’ve been blogging here now for more than 5 years.  I can’t actually believe I’ve been going for so long!  I still intend to write here from time to time, but more and more in recent times my posts have been less to do with agile principles and practices and more to do with management and leadership more generally.

Therefore, you may have seen already from some of my recent postings, I’ve decided to create a new blog for managers and leaders.  It’s called Kelly Waters, Your Virtual Executive Coach.

The purpose of my new site is to help managers and executives make things better, on several levels:

There’s a section on Personal Development which is about helping you to get better.
The Leadership section is about helping you to help teams get better.
The Product Development section is about helping you to create better products.
And the Organisational Transformation section is about making your organisation better.

Within each of these sections, these are the main topics I intend to cover:

  • Leadership (leadership skills, 21st Century management, creating high performance teams, business performance improvement)
  • Product development (creating products people want, entrepreneurship, innovation, digital business & technology, driving online growth)
  • Organisational transformation (leading change, organisational structure and culture, becoming a more innovative and adaptive organisation)
  • Personal development (inspiration and coaching to help you be the best you can be; tips to help you find more hours in the day)
  • Lean/Agile methods (this topic will still be covered here on All About Agile)

Through the information I provide on my new site, I hope to become the invisible member of your management team.  Your virtual executive coach.